Recipes, Recipes, Recipes! I love Recipes! The recipes in my blog are a collection of my favourite and, thus “Sansational” ones. These recipes are mostly dairy free (DF) and gluten free (GF). I love food so the recipes I have chosen are wonderfully delicious that you would not know they are DF or GF. (Due to digestion issues, I went mostly DF and GF in the fall of 2013.)

I have also chosen these recipes because they are SO easy to whip up with common ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen.   Of course, you will have to make a few replacements like using coconut oil instead of butter; coconut sugar or maple syrup instead of white sugar; and, GF flours like coconut flour , almond flour, or chick pea flour instead of all purpose flour.  If you haven’t started making these changes, don’t despair; it will come with time.

I love to cook and experiment and created this blog to share with my family and yours. I am inspired by the following people and their work:

Elana Amsterdam and her website “elanaspantry.com”
Brendan Brazier and his “Thrive” series of books
Dr. William Davis and his “Wheat Belly” series of books
Angela Liddon and her book “The oh she glows cookbook” and her website “oh she glows”
Joy McCarthy and her book “Joyous Health” and her website “www.joyoushealth.ca”
Megan Gilmore and her webite “detoxinista.com”
Peggy Kotsopoulos and her book, “Kitchen Cures”
Harley Pasternak and his “5-Factor” books
Tosca Reno and her series of books on “Clean Eating”
Meghan Telpher and her book “UnDiet”

I give my hats off to the above people who have helped me change the way I eat for the better without compromising taste. I feel better than ever before because of their healthy food philosophies that focus on eating primarily plant-based foods. I am forever thankful for their wonderful creations.

In my blog recipes, I give credit to where the recipe came from or where it was adapted/inspired from. I am not a nutritionist or a chef, but a busy working mom who wants to share how easy it can be to make healthy recipes for your family. If I can do it, so can you!

Happy cooking and have a Sansational time trying my chosen recipes.

Sansationally yours,


Sanjana Bhatia