My Daily "S" Plan


My old eating plan was full of sugar, bad fats and carbs.  For example, a typical day consisted of a bagel with cream cheese and coffee for breakfast, a burrito for lunch, and pizza from the corner store for dinner. None of these meals left me feeling nourished and at the end of the day, I ate more junk food like chips and sweets full of unrefined sugar.   All of these foods lead to unwanted pounds, bloating, cramps and a host of other problems.

I slowly changed my eating habits with taking progressive steps from going to sugar-free, to gluten-free, to dairy-free, to coffee-free, and then to grain-free. With each step,  I felt so much better, lost unwanted pounds, and had so much more energy.

I used to wonder what to eat, but now have so many ideas that every day is full of Sansational foods.

I have standardized my daily plan to the following “S” plan:

SMOOTHIE for breakfast (at 3 days of the week consist of a green smoothie containing spinach or kale)

SALAD for lunch aiming for at least 5 different colours of veggies and a lean protein like salmon, chicken, sardines.

SNACK around 3:00 pm where I usually have a sweet tooth and let myself have a sweet treat as long as it is sweetened with maple syrup, honey, or dates. I have a lot of recipes in my blog under desserts and snacks (sweets). Sometimes, I have a salt craving so I eat hummus with veggies or the snacks (savoury) in my blog.

SOUP, STIR-FRY for dinner.

I aim to follow the above, but sometimes I have two smoothies, two soups, or two salads. The above plan gives me so much variety that I rarely get bored with food and know that I am eating healthy, satisfying, and nutritious foods.  The result is that I feel Sansational.

Try my plan for 30 days using the recipes in my blog. You will feel better and love it!